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The Faith Breathed Hope podcast

Apr 28, 2020

In this episode I speak with Beverly Shoemaker about losing her son to a drunk driver, her husband to suicide, and finding the strength to help others. Beverly is a Speaker, Blogger, Resilience Coach, Wife, Army Mom, Grandma, loves Jesus, and is pasionate about the truth.

You can find Beverly at

Apr 24, 2020

In this episode, I speak with Rich Bontrager on Defying The Odds. Rich has defied the odds medically since birth, through a severe fire accident, liver failure, and a liver transplant. Despite being born with a horrible stutter, he has enjoyed careers as a professional sports broadcaster, leadership coach, Pastor,...

Apr 14, 2020

Rachel Fesko is a wife and mom,content manager, and helps small businesses with marketing and social media. In today's episode, Rachel and I talk about Failure and and the importance of Perseverance. You can find Rachel at or on Instagram at